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Cort Action VI-A 6 String Active Bass Guitar

Very playable six-string bass guitar with an active circuit. This bass has a lightweight construction and a decent setup making it very comfortable to play all styles. One of the most versatile, cheap and well built 6 string bass guitars in this budget.

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Behringer PMP2000D 14 Channel Powered Mixer

The PMP2000D’s 2000 watts is enough to supply an entire club with power – whether that’s your mains and monitors or your mains and subwoofers. Clean preamps, 24-bit digital FX, and dual 9-band graphic EQs to tune your room make this an irresistible piece of gear for traveling sound professionals and gigging musicians.

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M-audio BX8 D2 Studio Monitor Pair

Countless pros use M-Audio studio monitors to produce and mix the music and audio you hear every day. The BX D2 series makes that same design philosophy and technology available to anyone with a passion for great sound. BX8 D2 helps you understand what’s in your mix so you can make better decisions about how it will translate across a wide variety of systems—from MP3 earbuds to car stereos to audiophile rigs.

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Alto Pro TX15 Active Speaker

Alto Pro TX15 Active Speaker

Experience power, performance, and portability. TX15 comes equipped with efficient, bi-amped Class D amplification that pumps out a generous 600 Watts of peak power. An exacting electronic crossover ensures smooth frequency response from the 15” low-frequency driver and 1” high-frequency compression driver.

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