Repair Services Offered

We offer repairs on most musical, studio, and audio gear. Contact us for assistance!

Guitar & Bass Repairs

  • Professional guitar and bass setups.
  • Body work, including broken necks and head stocks.
  • Restringing
  • Electronics Repair and Service

Speaker Repairs

  • Built in Amplifier and circuit board repairs
  • Speaker reconing and recoiling
  • Driver Replacement
  • Tweeter and diaphragm repair

Amplifier Repairs

  • Amp power supply repair
  • Amp output and input repair
  • Amp circuit board repair
  • Blown amp repair

DJ Controller Repair

  • Knob, button, and fader repair/replacement
  • Output and input connector repair and replacement
  • Track pad repair
  • General Controller Service

Hifi Receiver Repair

  • Blown channel repair
  • Input and output repair
  • Hifi amp repair
  • General hifi receiver service and maintenance

Mixer Repairs

  • Fader and knob replacement
  • Blown channel repairs
  • Faulty inputs and outputs repair
  • Mixer effects repair

…and more!


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